Technologiebrücke Deutschland is a business initiative in the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region. It initiates, mediates, organises and accompanies contacts and projects between foreign and German companies, institutes and universities.

At present, the focus of our activities is on intensive technology exchange with China. Suitable partners for successful technology cooperation and for innovative products and services are being found in a targeted manner. In addition, suitable locations and investment objects are researched and arranged for projects.

Ideas and projects

You have a brilliant idea but lack the capital and access to the market? You want to develop your products further and think that German know-how could help? You want to gain a foothold in the German market with your own company?

Which patent strategy is the right one for my innovation? If you are asking yourself these and similar questions, then you should simply talk to us without obligation!

Venture Capital

No matter how good the ideas are. Their implementation for the market always requires capital. In the immensely important area of raising venture capital, we work together with experienced specialised partners.

Building bridges is something we have in common with our partner "CONTINUA". For more than 10 years, it has been bringing together start-ups seeking capital and venture capital investors.

National funding organisations

Wenn es um die Interessen unserer Kunden geht, sind wir nicht allein; enge Kontakte zu den regionalen Industrie- und Handelskammern, der Zukunftsagentur Brandenburg sowie anderen nationalen und regionalen Organisationen helfen uns oft, schnelle und optimale Lösungen zu finden.